Hello world!


So why a blog..

And why me??

Having spent the last few weeks being evangelical about “Clouds” and “Cloud Services”, to everyone who I bumped in to at BETT, and frankly, anyone who would listen, I  though I might start to share some of my thoughts and hopefully my perspective might just help clear people’s minds about clouds and what they want from them..

Cards on the table.. I am and IT Consultant, and I do work for an education company, but I promise not to mention the company, it’s products or use this space to sell its services – this is my space and my time.. – if I slip (I’m not perfect)  then please feel free to complain..

Hopefully my thoughts will wake something in your imagination (about clouds preferably..) so please fell free to share your thoughts. Sharing the link with your community is also appreciated.. The more the merrier etc..

Constructive criticism is appreciated encouraged and will be published and I’m happy to post links here, and re-tweet about anything relevant.

Blog number 1 is in draft and with the great Aunty P for editing.. 🙂

See you all soon..






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